Sunday, 18 March 2012

Vandalized mural vexes NORSU LGBT Guild

By Jessie P. Dolia and Shenmae S. Sojor

Vandalisms visible Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Guild mural painting annoyed university gay community.

Provincial Coordinator of LADLAD Party list and NORSU LGBT Guild Founder Michael Victor Panuncillon expressed his dismay on the vandalized mural.

According to Panuncillon, their mural was last seen unvandalized last December 5 and found out tainted on December 7. “LBGT- ‘AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) carriers’ and ‘social pests’ were the passages written unto our mural,” he expressed.

Panuncillon shared that he was really hurt since they gave ample efforts in realizing their mural. “It was from our own pockets that we got the money to make the mural,” he said.

He added that those negative commentaries and vandalism that first appeared may later result to violent-related crimes if not given appropriate actions.

Meanwhile, League of Student Organizations President Glen Erwin Betchido said that they will not touch the mural since Panuncillon asked him not to do anything to the mural. He said that it is inform the public that homophobics and gender discriminators to LGBT still.

Gay community reacts

“Disrespectful! Dapat dili sila mag-ingon ana… They should respect us like human beings who has feelings,” Franze Bill Alcantara, a BS Information Technology student.

“To the people who did it, we only ask for some respect and understanding. It really hurt us, knowing that we are being discriminated by our fellow. Dayon sa mural pa jud namu sila nag-sulti og mga ingon ana, so sakit jud siya kayo,” Junmar Obate expressed, a sophomore Mass Communication student.

The same notion was given by Arnel Bato, a junior BS Office System Management student. “For me, they have no right to criticize us [gays and lesbians] or even to judge us. We are also human. They should learn how to love and respect us as their equal. Very insulting sa among part. I just hope that they will stop what they are doing because we‘re just the same,” he related.

“We don’t care about what they think about us. We are not social pests or whatever they want to call us. We are human beings, I really don’t care about what they say or write,” Nick Ramirez asserted, a freshman Bachelor of Elementary Education student.

He was seconded by another Bachelor of Elementary Education student Dave Baldoza. “I admit I really felt sad and hurt about what they are writing about us. They should stop discriminating us. They are not the one who’s feeding us so, dili dapat sila mag-ingon ana. Dili dapat sila mag-buot og unsa mi. They should show some respect,” Baldoza articulated.

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