Staffers' Blog

Editor-in-Chief: Jessie P. Dolia Simply Genius
Associate Editor: Joeylen de la Cruz A Fluffy Marshmallow
News Editor: Rujonel Cariaga
Features Editor: Jirah Kim Quinamot
Assistant News Editor: Ariel Dizon
Assistant News Editor: Arean Fel Dorio
Arts and Graphics Unit Head: Mayette Hanna F. Diez Tinky Winky's Diary
Senior Reporters: Mary Cherry S. Sanchez Dr. Cloud Nine
                               Mei Anne Morales Ft. Shanezkie
                               Mary Grace Bornales
Cartoonists: Ranulfo Repe Oflunar's Bloga
                     Paul Anthony Eso Oh. Walang Kwentang Sining
                     Angelo Sastre
                     Karlo Billy Rubia
                     Marko Mikhal Deposoy
                     Arvin Rodriguez

Layout Artist Head:  John Rio Rotten Egg
Photojournalist: Kendrex B. Pael Superman Na Maot
                           Marve Fabela

Webpage Developer: Leonil Dayado Char Lang
Business Manager: Princess Ebo
Asst.Business Manager: Jela Mae Ruales Seeker of Perfection
Staff Secretary: Shenmae S. Sojor A stoke of Purple Brush