Friday, 26 July 2013

Blue Moon

     When we talk about the administrative officials in Negros Oriental State University (NORSU), we are more or less talking about those people who are responsible, respectful, and cool—those people who accommodate the students’ need-their academic needs to be specific.This is perhaps the very reason why many of the students from the Visayas and Mindanao regions chose to study in the university to accomplish their academic goals and journey—a humble reason why NORSU came into existence—including the immense development the university has acquired and etcetera.

In fact, when I first step in the grounds of this university, I can barely recall therewas an instance wherein these people fail to perform their tasks and functions. With this, I thank and congratulate them for making a difference in uplifting the standards of the student services. The help they have extended have boosted the confidence of all the Norsunians to attaining better educational qualifications.With these things in mind, I am confident that we can obtain the academic qualifications we desire through their help. And perhaps this calls for a compassionate celebration to cherish.  However, as the time passes by, it seems frustrating that these people had to make themselves unavailable most of the time. It appears that as the university grows older, new high breeds of undeserving people are strewn in its fertile soil.It is also quite alarming that the change of the administration has also changed the attitudes of the administrative people which have abruptly resulted to a-not-so-good student services. Some of these officials become lazy in doing their tasks, they are just sitting down behind those unnoticeable corners in their respective offices; others become‘monsters’ because of the promotions or designations they received from the president. Several of them become very strict to the extent of jeopardizing other’s work in office. Despite all of these, why do many people still remained mutes?

From this observation of mine, apparently, I saw them creating “a wall of separation”—that is their services were made far from reach. Some of them made themselves busy even though they are not. They were even hiding in the caves like cowards.Is this the kind of people we need in the university? Is this the kind of people that the university has produced that every time students approach them, they were treated like strangers? I believe we don’t need these people.

Moreover, some of the student service offices are suffering from the delay of their work because they lack the signatories of the people concerned to run every transaction. If someone went to their office for a clarification of a certain issue, they do not entertain and simply put them humiliated.You see, it appears clearer that they seem to be nocturnal animals that appear “once in a blue moon” only. To my mind, all these things will not work for the better unless these people aim to change their personalities and perspectives in life that they are not swayed by the positions they hold.

If we continue to support these kinds of people, we will definitely end up like wasting our future in this university!That is why I envision all Norsunian people to be active in knowing all what is happening of this grown-up university. Let us participate and make a difference!