Sunday, 18 March 2012

PE Fun Day cancelled

By Francis Ivan G. Ho

To sympathize with the victims of the recent 6.9-magnitude earthquake, the Physical Education (PE) Department cancelled the celebration of PE Fun Day last February 11.

The cancellation of the program last February 11 was a directive of Negros Oriental State University President Henry A. Sojor. PE Department Director Carlou Bernaldez publicly announced the decision in his opening remarks during that day. According to Bernaldez, the reason behind the cancellation was to share sympathy amongst the neighboring towns and municipalities affected by the earthquake.

Bernaldez also reasoned that allowing students to come over was to let them see for their eyes the preparations and facilities they have prepared for the Fun Day. “Changing the schedule of the Fun Day for another Saturday is another expense and besides, most of the PE instructors will be out for the incoming National SCUAA,” he added.

The director said that the P70 contribution of the students went for the acquisition of materials for games like relay ropes, monkey bars, bicycles, huge rubber balls, takarang sticks, three-wheeled carts, and other obstacle activities. He added that some of the contribution was allocated to buy some goods to be donated to the victims.

Before the announcement, the PE department staffs started the program with a “dancercise”. Students wearing their respective team colors; red, blue, yellow and green gathered.

Furthermore, instead of having the Fun Day in the open field of NORSU Main Campus II, it became the spot of the prayer brigade offered by the PE department staffs, PE students and the NORSU Kabilin Choir.

PE students react

Most students felt sad and disappointed after the announcement. They were eager to share their reactions to The NORSUnian about the abrupt cancellation.

“Excited na ta! If gisulti unta before nga dili madaun aron dili ma-usik ang among gi-plete,” Faith Toledo expressed, a freshman BS Forestry student.

Education student majoring in Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health Mae Ann Enrera shared her frustration. “It never met my expectation,” she added. Joycee Mae Balonio, first year BS in Office Systems Management student, shared the same sentiment; she was also dismayed because there were no fun and games.

According to freshman BS Computer Science student Patrick Ngiptich, the day was supposed to be a Fun Day and it is sad to know that it is cancelled.

Despite the upset response of students, some of them understood what had happen and shared sympathy. One of them was Ychime, Nkeoma, a sophomore AB Mass Communication student. She conveyed her happiness for the prayer offered for the casualties and fatalities of the recent earthquake.

Some students also discussed the use of the P70 as their registration, knowing that the fun day was cancelled. A group of first year Bachelor of Science in Accountancy students asks for any statement of expenses or any record of liquidation so that their payment would be at justifiable cost, transparent and no bias.

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