Sunday, 18 March 2012

On global warming

NORSU to put up solar chargers

By Jessie P. Dolia

In the desire for the harmony of man and nature, Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) will be putting up five solar chargers to lessen electric consumption which contributes to global warming. 

The move was initiated by the Income Generating Project (IGP) and the Student Affairs Office (SAO).

“I am encouraging Norsunians to help preserve the environment through charging their mobile phones using the solar chargers,” SAO Director Giovanni Macahig said. He shared that each charger can cater to as much as five cellular phones. He added that the solar panels can be accessed through manual operation.

Moreover, Macahig said that the five panels of solar chargers cost P4,750 prior to the purchased bid. He added that these shall initially be situated at the SAO while the exact processing area is still planned.

He disclosed that this new innovation helps lower the cost of electric bills of the school and would definitely help preserve the environment.

Second year Bachelor of Science in Geology student Marjorie Bajado opined that the move was a big help to all Norsunians. “This will initially boost our confidence that we are really excelling not only in academics but in technology as well. NORSU has once again paved the way to greater heights. With this, electric consumption will now be lower down which can also be a big help to the school,” she said.

Another Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education student Lovely Eroja said that with these new facilities, our environment will be free from probable hazardous effects the electric currents can bring. “Because these solar chargers function through the heat of the sun, it will minimize electric consumption which is good for the environment,” she disclosed.

A P5 fee will be collected to students who will be charging their phones in the solar chargers as part of the IGP of the university.

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