Sunday, 18 March 2012

Unexpected Farewell

By Rotten Egg

Hurrying impatiently, I almost slipped off my feet down in the staircase because of a text message saying that I can now avail my course T-shirt.

I directly entered the Information Technology Office to get the T-shirt. Unfortunately, I was not able to get one since the assigned personnel is still not around. I sent her a message for that matter but then she just told me to wait up for she had some things to attend to.

Half an hour had passed and she has not arrived yet. I got bored there so I opened the door slightly to see whose outside. I saw a beautiful girl wearing her P.E. uniform sitting beside the old IRS with phone on hand.

I looked at her earnestly and felt fascinated. She was so pretty and I felt an inexplicable sensation. Without hesitation, I sat beside her exerting fleeting glance, consciously aware of my movement.

“Kinsa diay imong gihulat miss?” I ask her politely. “Gainusara ra lage ka?” I felt my words getting stammered and stumble but I reacted calmly holding my feeling enthusiastically.

“Ahh, nagpalipas ra ko og oras diri.” She replied attentively. “Naa man me practice ron sa badminton din ganahan ra pud ko magtambay dri.”

“Ikaw gaunsa ka diri?” she queried.

“Ako? Ah! Gahulat ko sa akong course T-shirt wala man gud nako nakuha sauna.”

I almost cannot talk because I trembled with unnecessary hearth discomfort.

I asked her name and course. She is Janet, BS Geology as I could remember. After that I introduced myself simultaneously shaking our hands. My God, our hand entwined enticingly as I felt thousands of volt running through my spine. We look at each other feeling amazed.

From that very moment I have already caught her attention. It seems that we know each other that we do not even hesitate to partake our experience, life, achievements and other random things.

While the conversation was getting profound, she stood up to relieve her pain from lying almost a minute. Then, I convinced her to come with me in ITO’s office to wait and to have some cool air also.

“Og kasab-an ko?” she insited. “Din wala pud koy kaila dinha.”

“No! dili ka kasab-an ana,” I insisted enthusiastically to convince her, “besides I will just tell them that you are my special friend, ai! best friend!.”

She grinned secretly on what I have said but hiding her smile make me sense that she feels something for me too. I look at her eyes sincerely and with concerned so that she can feel that I can be counted and trusted. At this point she felt no hesitation at all.

I have convinced her, so we both went to ITO’s office. “Hala tsada lage dri,” I did not respond.

When we got inside the assigned person who will give course T-shirt to was not yet around.

We waited for a moment, refreshing from warmness. I looked at her standing, so I offered a sit. 

“Ikaw diay, magtindog ra ka?”she asked.

“Okay ra ko, para imoha na,” I said modestly. I felt something significant when I hear those words.

I felt fascinated since I have done something great. She got her phone and played some games, she let me play too. We both enjoy playing. At that particular moment, I forgot the time and hoping that the time will not continue since we got our time valuable enough to make it worthwhile.

After I got my course T-shirt, we went out of the office. “Adto na ko kay hapit na ang time sa try-out namo sa badminton.” “I sige kay pauli na pod ko,” I replied. I almost touch her hand but I controlled as a sign of respect since we just met.

Deep inside I do not want her to go away since I started falling for her and I wanted us to know each other well. Leaving our momentous moment make me feel bad but still I really want her.

Before we got departed, I stated my last message “You know! I really enjoyed our conversation.”

“Hala ako pud, kita kita ra unya ta?” she replied.

But that meeting did not have a part two. I was so stupid not to ask her phone number. I still want her but I do not know where to find her.

These probably my one of the most unforgettable moment in NORSU, until now she still marked on my heart. It is probably a mysterious past that still wanted to portray the shadow of myself as a person who wants to meet her again.

P.S. Janet, in case you are reading this diary, I really want to see you again. Please contact me at 09057131422.

Rotten Egg is a second year BS Information Technology who loves to reminiscence his special moments in the university.

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