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When 'not now' becomes 'never'

By Jessie P. Dolia

Putting down your home works and other related works in school because you still have to play Dota or more probably open your Facebook account to check for new updates, and hence getting incomplete grades? How about failing in one of your major subjects because you have delayed passing the course requirements? Well, generally, you are procrastinating. defines procrastination as the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of low-priority, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time. Basically it is the process of voluntarily delaying a task or decision until a later time, often resulting in a negative effect.

See? This is probably what you encounter most of the time. You might not have noticed it because you think all is fine. Favorably, you have got your mind thinking that all is under your control and that ‘later time’ is the best answer to your sluggishness. In fact, when you find this story lousy and stopped from reading this, you have definitely procrastinated.

If by chance you can pursue reading the story though this appears to be boring for you, then I will say you have understood and ravaged the word procrastination itself. According to The Daily, only 35 percent of people convert immediate actions from his thinking summing up to positive result. People who in hand, take full action in prioritizing important tasks achieved fulfilling product compared to those people who usually put things off unattended even though he knows it results negative things.

What probably cause you to procrastinate?

It is important to get to know yourself well so you can recognize what you are doing – or not doing is right or wrong. Why do people procrastinate and keep themselves from having the good stuff?

Too often people have no idea what they really want and they pursue goals they think they should want or what others want for them. That is one reason why many successful people feel unhappy – like something is missing. They are living somebody else’s life rather than one that would make them happy.

Or you sometimes lost momentum and motivation to finish your work. Without support and accountability, you lose steam and enthusiasm quickly and fall back into old behaviors.

Negative self-talk and beliefs. This is a huge reason why folks procrastinate. All the conversations people have in their heads that scare them and make them feel like crap. They construct stories about inevitable outcomes (worse case scenarios, what happened in the past will surely repeat) that they believe as truth! It is amazing what you do to yourselves, isn’t it?

You do not know where to start or what to choose. It is a double-edged sword. Having choices is important and yet, having too many causes confusion. Often people make a hasty choice to get it over with, defer to someone else to take responsibility, or do nothing. You become overwhelmed, and confused, and stressed. You lack structure, routines, and boundaries to help them stay on track.

What procrastination can do to you?

You lose energy when you put things off all the time. You will no longer have the drive and energy to approach tasks that require a fair bit of work. The longer you leave things the harder they are to complete the task.

Stress and anxiety will then follow. The main problem with procrastinating is that it causes you to become stressed and anxious. The reason for this is that when the task drags on and on we think about it in our head and we stress about when it is going to get finished. This is quite ironic because it is we who are causing it to take a long time!

When all of these things happened, you are then depriving yourself to achieve things in life. One of the really sad things about this thing called procrastination is that it stops you from achieving your goals and dreams. It is like a beggar having a lump of gold his whole life and not spending it to change his crappy situation.

True Confessions

According to a third year Bachelor of Science in Geothermal Engineering student Edward Macute, procrastination had been a big hindrance to him in realizing his ambitions. He narrated to the The NORSUNian that he failed from one of his major subjects because he prioritized his happiness first than submitting the requirements asked by his teacher. “I always play Dota, when I have vacant times, I used it in playing. I can no longer resist from playing since I am tempted again and again, then I will no longer go to school because of the play,” he said.

This failure taught Edward a lesson to prioritize first his education before anything else. “Tungod ani nga failure, I realized that I should have prioritized my education kai dili nako gusto nga ma fail na pud sa lain nakong subjects. Tungod sa akong girlfriend nausab ko, sigi ko niya gina advice-san and it paved me the way that sayop jud ko. Sugod ato,dili na kaayo ko mudula then musulod na pud ko sa ako klasi,” he disclosed.

In a related situation, Huskarr, not his real name told the The NORSUnian that he got an incomplete grade in his PE class because of the same reason. Huskarr came to class always late-late to attendance, late to exams, late to projects, late to anything because of procrastination. He prioritized other things apart from his studies-playing. Huskarr just noticed that a big INC mark appeared into his grade form during the end of the semester. He cried out loud and seems to regret but he was too late. The teacher already failed him.

Moreover, Huskarr who is used of delaying realized that he needs to be always prompt in attending his class so as he can pass. Thus, this begs his advice to all Norsunians to always attend classes on time, participate on the class discussion and pass all the course requirements. “In order for you to be successful in your education and career life, just be patient in attending your respective classes and be prompt in going to school, then you will be victorious,” Huskar disclosed.

We students tend to prioritize things which are actually of less value just for the sake of meeting our physiological happiness. We know that if we uphold this practice, we may become unproductive and may lead us to frustrations with our dreams. We know actually what should have been done. With the in-hand knowledge and information, we can definitely break the barrier and can be productive in our own ways.

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