Sunday, 18 March 2012

MC-II studes demand IRS revamp

By Janethriz B. Aso and Mayette Hanna F. Diez

With the right amount of money collected at the very start of every semester, Main Campus II (MC-II) students demand Internet Research (IRS) Station to render proper services.

As of press time, there are only less than 20 computers functioning which is insufficient to cater to the whole population of MC-II.

Third year Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) student, Anthony Gresula said that the IRS lacks computers and that they were not enough since there were three colleges using the computers. He added that there were times when the IRS is crowded and some students cannot use the computers for research. He also suggested that those computers which are not functioning should be replaced or repaired so that the students can use them.

Rovelito M. Carganian , and Jyson D. Calas, both third year Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (BSMarE) students, commented about the slow connection. According to Carganian and Calas, a faster connection is needed and a downloader should be installed to the computers so that students can listen to some music or videos, those videos which are related of course to their lessons. They are hoping that they can benefit if ever there will be an improvement especially if they wish to do some research.

Freshmen BSCE student, Marjorie R. Polio supposed that the reason why there is slow connection is because of the old computers. She also said that it should be replaced in order to have good facilities and she also noted that some keys on the key board are not functioning well.

Her colleague Clia Mae P. Tabasa expressed her disappointment on the insufficing computers in the IRS. Like the others, she also suggested that some computers should be repaired so that it will be used.

Sought for her reaction as to the said complaints, Merdy-Laine Ventura, the assistant chairwoman of the IRS personnel in MC-II thinks that the system in the IRS is just okay. However, she admitted that there were computers who are not functioning anymore but they have no budget to repair those. The budget, according to Ventura, should supposedly come from the Student Government of Dumaguete City-II (SGDC-II).

About the problem of students not being able to use the computers during peak hours, she said that they already have the reservation list prepared for those who have to wait for their turn. She sadly expressed that indeed there were times when the waiting takes a long time that some were not able to do their research. 

Ventura added that they have already suggested to SGDC-II for the computers to be repaired but it really takes a big budget. Another problem that needs to be fixed is the printer which has malfunctioned since a year ago. She continued that it would have been a great help to the students because if they do not have flash drives, they can immediately have the printed copy in the IRS. Concerning the downloading of videos and music, Ventura stressed that it is prohibited there in the IRS.

“First come first serve is our main policy here. But don’t worry; if you can’t immediately use the computers, there is a room for reservation anyway. Just be patient, hopefully we can add more computers plus a new printer so that all of us students can benefit from it”, she assured.

SGDC-II President Jillie Ann Rubio said that the administration is on the process in purchasing 50 more computers in the IRS of MC-II. She added that they always follow-up the administration for the definite time and when will the 50 computers be accommodated.

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