Wednesday, 21 March 2012

NORSU students elect new leaders

By Janethriz A. Aso and Albert C. Umbac

Another set of student-leaders are yet to prove their skills in leadership for the next school year, The Union of Dedicated Organizations and Responsible Students (TUDORS) standard bearer Kathleen Jean Yuson is the new Student Government of Dumaguete City (SGDC) One president. While, unopposed Ace Vincent Zerna is pronounced as SGDC Two president.

Main Campus I elections

Main Campus I elections was successfully carried out last February 24, which was spearheaded by its Committee on Elections (COMELEC) Chairman Geraldine Mapula and assisted by some SG scholars.

In a consolidated data given by the COMELEC chairman, dated February 28, Kathleen Jean Yuson from the TUDORS party list beat Katherine Valdez from the IDEALS in an 806–674 total number of votes. Meanwhile, Carmelito Sojor IV (IDEALS), running for the Vice-Presidential position, got 953 votes against competitor Brian Ponce (TUDORS) with 529.

Mapula also shared to the The NORSUnian that only two of the six colleges in MC I have competing candidates for the local Gubernatorial and Vice-Gubernatorial position indicating a sure-win for the unopposed ones.

In the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Gubernatorial and Vice-Gubernatorial candidates Michael Vincent Tubog and Michael Hidlao got 295 and 276 votes respectively. While Christine Antosada (209 votes), Rodrigo Jay Miralles (206 votes) and Janny Alemania (196 votes) were the new representatives for the college.

Moreover, Daryl Balbon (77 votes) and Josie Wen Lejarso (64 votes) were the newly-hailed Governor and Vice-Governor for the College of Industrial Technology (CIT). For the Representative position, five candidates were chosen including ­­­___ Lazona (56 votes); Pal Anton Casinto (54 votes); Almae Grace Silay (53 votes); John Rex Villas (51 votes) and Julius Tejam (45 votes).

The College of Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences (CNDPHAS) winners include: Norelyn Talorete (81 votes)—Governor; Jean Rose Regon (72 votes)—Vice-Governor; Sheena Lou Saloman (72 votes) and Jiselle Marie Señagan (64 votes)—Representatives.

Newly-hailed College of Tourism and Hospitality Management (CTHM) Governor Arnel Toledo got 148 votes while Louie Limbo obtained 126 votes for the Vice-Gubernatorial position. The winning representatives of the college are Vince Joedd Guevarra (127 votes), Romar Barrera (109 votes), Shella May Laspinas (106 votes) and Retsell Badili (88 votes).

The College of Education (CEd) and the College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) are the only two colleges with opposing candidates for the local positions.

Emma Sarah prevailed as CEd’s new governor after defeating Zenaida Gapuz in a 208–108 student votes. For the Vice-Governor seat, Rene Baraudo got 297 votes defeating the aspiring governor Noel Canobas with 129. Likewise, Gerald Palomar (222 votes) and Cherry Mae Lingcong (221 votes) are the representatives.

Edging against his competitor for the Gubernatorial position, Stephen Villegas (279 votes) beat Lalaine Rachel Orcullo (182 votes) whereas, Claire Ann Olis (227 votes) wins over Judelyn Sumanoy (231 votes) for the Vice-Gubernatorial position.

Main Campus II elections

Both running unopposed for the SGDC II President and Vice-President seat, Ace Vincent Zerna garnered a 649 total student votes while his partner Jillie Ann Rubio, former MC II SG president obtained 635 votes.

The COMELEC in MC II under its chairman June Hannah Pagbonocan scheduled the election last February 16.

Moreover, Reynadel Belingan running for the gubernatorial seat of the College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) who was unopposed gained 164 votes. Meanwhile, Janethriz Aso clinched 111 votes against her competitor for the Vice-Governor position, Seth Abraham Singuit earning 74 votes.

CEA’s winning representatives include Feb Marie Boncales (130 votes), Jhon Kevin Rabacal (113 votes) and Allen Tulabing (91 votes).

Vying for the gubernatorial place for the College of Maritime Education (CME), Audillo Fundador Jr. won over Joemar Jabonillo in a 392–247 votes. Furthermore, Janice Bayawa was pronounced as CME’s new vice-governor after obtaining 340 votes against Norbert Casas with 285.

For the Representative spot, Joseph Kent Tañara got 308 votes; Lyndon Navarro attained 296 votes while Felix Amores and Lester Busarang acquired 275 and 264 votes respectively.

Having 368 number of enrollees as of this semester, the College of Agriculture and Forestry (CAF) voted Mae Bolotaulo as their Governor after receiving 46 votes against Benedict Hope Japinan with 19. Roden Ubarre (36 votes) defeated Charles Young Zurbito (25 votes) for being the Vice-Governor whereas, Arnel Caday and John Rey Sedigo were hailed as the representatives collecting 55 and 53 student votes respectively.


Winning SG Vice-President for the MC I, Carmelito Sojor IV expressed his gladness to those who trusted and voted for him as their vice-president. “I am happy because I won…to those who voted me, I want to say ‘thank you’ for trusting me.”

“In behalf of my party list (IDEALS), I’m thanking them that they gave their support because I know that what they believed is for the better. And to the University President Henry A. Sojor who recommended and encouraged me to run for the position, thank you sir,” he continued.

Asked about his plans for the betterment of the entire campus, the new vice-president said that he is hoping that the plans he have said during the forum will be made possible through the help, support, cooperation and respect of all Norsunians. “Running for the position is not just for show but for real, I have plans for the betterment of NORSU.”

Since Yuson (TUDORS) and Sojor (IDEALS) are from the different partylist, the latter humbly said that it will not become a barrier for him to make sensible projects with the initiative of the SGDC I president and that he will serve as the shadow of the president.

“I believe in her (Yuson) and we can make it!”

Moreover, Sojor added that all of the hopes and wishes of the studentry will be catered the soonest time possible because they “voted the right person and the right leader.”

“As the new Vice-President, all I could say is,they chose the right person, they chose the firm believer and a firm leader.” “It’s not the position but the possession of the one who has responsibily and who takes the lead,” he disclosed.

Meanwhile, newly-hailed president for MC II Ace Vincent Zerna commented that he will keep his plans for the upcoming school-year in secret while his vice-president, Rubio, aims for a better CEA in the future that will satisfy all the students.

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