Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Not so Fun Day


Waking up early at dawn and looking forward to the awaited Fun Day, Physical Education students wore their designated red, blue, yellow and green T-shirts. They have gathered up in the wide grassy field of the Main Campus II. Everyone and everything is set for the fun-filled activities.

But to have fun in the midst of sorrow of fellow Negrenses who were devastated by the recent earthquake is not right, says University President Henry A. Sojor. Thus, he made a call to the P.E. Department to halt the Fun Day the night before the said event.

Now, the question lies whether the call of the university president is just or not.

We, Filipinos, are known to be softhearted and pitiful. With the destruction brought by Typhoon Sendong and the 6.9 magnitude earthquake, many Negrenses, some Norsunians included, were greatly affected. Some even lost their homes and loved ones, and worst, their own lives.

Showing sympathy is certainly a positive trait anyone cannot abhor. Most likely because no one in their right mind would like to be devastated by calamities and suffer its rage. Thus, the declaration of Dr. Sojor was an act of compassion and consideration.

On the other hand, is the situation of the victims enough to nullify the efforts of the organizers and the payment of the students for the supposed P.E. Fun Day? Weeks of planning and preparation just disappeared into thin air.

The P.E. Department has already prepared the game materials such as relay ropes, monkey bars, huge rubber balls, takarang sticks, three-wheeled carts, and obstacle courses. But sadly, those were just for the eyes of the students, for them to see where their P70 contribution had gone.

There were also prizes prepared for winning teams but those prizes were only tossed in the air, and now it is of the students’ luck if they can get a share or not. Some had gotten many, some had few, and many had nothing.

P.E. Department Director Carlou Bernaldez related that rescheduling the Fun Day is not possible since some of the organizers will be attending another activities and it will be an additional cost for the students. He continued that some of the amount for the Fun Day was allocated to buy some goods which will be given to the victims of the quake.

We, The NORSUnian, take a stand on this issue. We admire the university president’s exemplary character. But we believe that there could have been a better turn out of events.

Both Dr. Sojor and Dr. Bernaldez are admirable leaders. However, if only there has been an early communication between the two parties, then no effort could have been nullisfied and there could have been no dismayed students. After all, communication is a big part of leadership.

Certainly, the students were again caught in a situation where all they could do is abide with the call. But deep inside, queries are waiting to be answered. Should an annual activity be cancelled just to show sympathy? Would having fun make them inconsiderate?

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