Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Are you convinced with CJ Corona’s conviction?

“The non-declaration of his dollar account and katong ni-admit si Corona na naa siay’y 80 million peso account, siya na’y ga-buko sa iyang self. Iyang mga palusot palpak. CJ Corona is convicted because he broke the trust of the people. Being the highest official in the Judiciary, he is not a good model. Dapat wala jud siya’y hugaw bisan gamay, for this will affect the economy of the Philippines since many people across the globe are watching. Betrayal of public trust is an impeachable offense.”

Bethlyn Joy Pagasian – Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering-IV

“Corona was not honest enough. Bearing the highest position in the Judiciary Department, his integrity must not be unquestionable. In all aspects, he should be honest.”

Dr. Dalisay Dumalag – Dean College of Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences

“I’m not convinced. It is very clear that the decisions of the senator judges are tinted by their political and personal interests especially that the senatorial election is fast approaching.”

Ace Vincent Zerna – Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering-IV

“I was convinced because of the senators’ proofs against him concerning his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN).”

Everon Joy Catanus – Bachelor of Secondary Education-I

“Corona is proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. He did not fairly present his SALN. As a public official and as the top official of the Judiciary Department, he should be the role model and his integrity must be untarnished. This serves as a warning to the ones concerned, who until now did not declare their SALN fairly and honestly.”

Dr. Recto Reyes – Assistant Dean College of Business and Accountancy

“Yes, klaro nga guilty siya kay wala niya natarung ug defend iyang self.”

Karla May Iñgan – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-IV

“Based on the presentation, although I was not in Manila, I can say that Corona is really guilty. As far as a government employee is concerned, there should be amendments that any official shall have transparencies like the so called SALN. What he did was an abuse of power and that was really unfair for us. So mabuti lang sa kanya.”

Dr. Reynaldo G Tan – Instructor, College of Business and Accountancy

“Mura’g guilty. Basing on the evidences presented.”

Giovanni Co – Bachelor of Science in Biology-III

“Yes, because he has a lot of properties nga wala naapil sa SALN.”

‘Catherine’ – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-I

“Dili ko in-favor nga guilty si Corona kay iya rang sala is wala niya napakita ug tarong iyang SALN.”

John Dave Calanza – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-IV

“No, kay nasagulan ra gihapon ug politics. Kay sa pag-ingun ni Santiago about atong “Grounds for Impeachment,” wala nakabutang nga ma-convict if kulang ang SALN.”

Catherine Abella – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-IV

“Although the impeachment trial was politically motivated, I believe that as one of the top officials, he should be a model to everyone. He should be fair especially in filing the SALN. And there were a lot of instances which influenced the Senator Judges to accuse him guilty; such is when Corona walked out from the hearing.”

Mr. Floro Salgado -- Instructor, College of Industrial Technology

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