Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Faith Ignited

By Rock in Roll’in

It was the dawn of May 21. I was awakened by the blinding light of the fluorescent lamp and the steady stare of three pairs of eyes on the ceiling of that old rest house. For a moment, I wondered how unreactionary I was at the presence of the three geckos when I used to freak out at the sight of one reptile. As I checked on the time and the plight of my sleeping colleagues, I crawled out of bed, said a little prayer, and began throwing into my bag some necessities to bring.

It was indeed a beautiful Monday dawn, the day our five-day youth camp would commence and the day I planned to enroll myself as a senior student of this state university. I was more or less one hundred and five kilometers away from Dumaguete City that time, and a good Christian friend, who was also an officer of our youth church organization, offered me a lift back home so that I could prepare for the enrollment. We had a deal done weeks before that big day.

Everything was well-planned before we embarked. We gave instructions to the rest of the officers left behind and prayed for a good weather. I was pretty confident that everything will be fine. Everything. Except for one.

As the morning sun made its graceful entrance to meet and greet a Monday anew, our travel was as smooth as silk on the asphalted road. Though both of us were in a ‘sticky situation’, literally, (since we skipped taking a bath before leaving the venue) and were almost hungry for breakfast, we managed to have short conversations once in a while and filled the car’s atmosphere with gibberish talks. But still, my main concern was what lies ahead, what awaits me when I arrive home. I may not look fresh, but my father’s voice over the phone the night before was as fresh as a newly-picked orange in a tree.

“Ging, have you prayed for your enrollment?” He meant the money intended for my enrollment. (He had told me months ago that he could not assure me of an amount for my senior year education. We were also struggling with our finances during that time because of my summer classes.)

I quickly sensed what was going on. Either God has already answered my prayers or has delayed it for some more hours, I was certain that I could be enrolled the next day.

“Today,” I thought, “I will be going home empty-handed and without the full assurance that I will be enrolled. But I am happy and excited for I know that I am rich in faith and hope that God has answered my prayers. I have prayed to God for the nth time that He shall provide my needs for my enrollment, according to what has been said in Philippians 4:19. But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

After a very quick drive of one hour and a half, I shut the door of the car and said goodbye to my friend who also made earlier plans of having himself enrolled at the neighboring university. I was welcomed with a smile by my mother as she kissed me. She told me she missed me.

I did not immediately ask for the tuition from my father, neither asked my mother about it. I wanted to prolong the thrill that I was feeling inside – the thrill of an answered prayer. I just uttered from time to time, “Oh Lord, help me accept the news with a grateful heart.”

Then my father called me, saying, “Ging, I have something to tell you.”

I looked at my mother who was standing beside him that time and she gave me a frown. I turned back to my father and I could not read his countenance.

“Okay, this is starting to give me goosies,” I thought.

He started opening his mouth and told a story. I gave a half-smile and a lazy stare at both of them and started turning pale.

“Could you please get to the bottom of this already?” I thought again.

And suddenly, out of the blue, my father fished a very small brown envelope from his pocket, about 5 centimeters wide and 7 centimeters long. I did not even know how he ended his story. I was so pre-occupied with the brown envelope. That thing seemed to sparkle, just like that of the cartoon shows I used to see on Disney and Cartoon Network, with a hushing, almost screaming, tinkling sound of glory along with it.

My father handed it to me with a grin. My mother said nothing. She only gave me another big hug.

“Ging, you can now enroll. God answered our prayers. And congratulations kay 4th year na ka.”

“Pakuyaw kaayo ka Tay. Kaingon ko’g di na ko ka eskwela,” I blurted in excitement.

“Ah madahan? Naa kay Ginoo. Di g’yud ka Niya pasagdan,” he answered.

I did not ask for more questions. I just heaved a sigh of relief and thanked them both. My God is an awesome God indeed.

To cut it short, I was enrolled on that same day and it took me just half a day to do it. Later that afternoon, my friend and I went back to Basay with his family and another youth camp officer. I knew by that time that my business in NORSU was over. Hence, I have to face my responsibilities for another event, all for God’s glory.

I could only stand amazed on how God continues to sustain my needs. The time I made my first tiny steps into my first classroom in kindergarten until today that I am almost nearing the finish line, He has never failed to prove how rich and gracious He is. Until today, I am living under His mercy and grace, and until today, I claim His promise. “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” Matthew 21:22

Rock in Roll’in is a Baptist, and a member of one of the organizations here in NORSU. She is currently in her senior year.

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