Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Partly a part, partly apart


We have finally come to the dawning of a new school year. The university is pleased to welcome all freshmen, transferees, and returnees with a wide smile. With a sure increase of enrollees, it could be said that Negros Oriental State University is an institution no lesser than other high-class universities in the province.

But how does it really feel like to be a true-blue Norsunian?

Evidently, there are a lot of students who seem to have successfully enrolled themselves in NORSU but have not really felt the essence of being one. Perhaps, here is the answer to that.

Being apart. It is quite a sad thing to still see a lot of students who remain lax and indifferent about the events happening around them. They are consciously aware of some anomalies and probably misconduct of some administrator or faculty member yet they remain mute. They are witnesses to acts that order on abuse by some teachers, yet they act blind and pretend not to see the real picture. They are aware that they have the abilities and skills that they can use for the common good yet they remain secretive, saying that they are shy or that their skills and talents are nothing compared to others. They are students with capabilities, strength, power and knowledge to make a difference for themselves and for the community yet they remain ignorant, indefinite and unsure.

Be a part. It is high time that all students become a part of something that benefit themselves and the people around them. This state university is a good ground for excellence in almost all fields. Various organizations, institutions and small groups have been put up for the empowerment of students.

We have the Kabilin Dance troupe for aspiring dancers, the Kabilin Choir for golden voices and the Kabilin Band for music makers. We also have The NORSUnian, the official weekly student publication of Negros Oriental State University, an institution that seeks to fight for the welfare and rights of students thru paper and pen. At the same time, the institution hones the writing, drawing, and photography skills of students. Then, we have The Pylon, the official yearbook of Negros Oriental State University, which seek to empower students thru developing the graphics designing and writing skills of individuals, among others. We have more or less fifty organizations under the League of Student Organizations in the academic, religious and special interest categories.

There are a lot to choose from. Unless you have not graduated yet, you still have all the chances in the world to participate and be a catalyst of change. We assure you it is all worth the effort and sweat, knowing that you have become a part of something, be it an organization, institution, or group.

This academic year 2012-2013 opens with a lot of opportunities offered for you. It is for you to decide – to remain apart, or to be a part.

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  1. "some administrators and faculty members"-some is plural
    "mute to silent"-improper usage
    "they act blind and pretend not to see"-redundant
    This could go on forever. Do not make Editorials about topics not included in the news or features. You can delete this.