Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Unprioritized Priority

By The Arbitrary Pointer

Several complaints have been created by students who do not have proper classrooms to hold their classes with. In fact, a few of them have dropped their subjects because of the hassles brought about by this dilemma. The rest remained voiceless and complacent because of fears of being reprimanded when they complain.

When I first stepped inside Negros Oriental State University three years ago, this problem has already existed yet it remained unanswered. I know students have been telling their teachers about the issue but still nothing happened. Perhaps, if indeed teachers have told the administration, they could have probably answered or if not, perhaps the authority covered their ears to refrain from hearing the students’ similar cries. That is a problem!

For Bachelor of Mathematics students for example, looking for vacant classrooms has been their struggle. The course is no less than attached to the College of Arts and Sciences, yet they still go to the College of Education to have classes or if not to the College of Business and Accountancy and to the College of Industrial Technology. Others conduct classes under lounges in the university.

While we are in the peak of sacrifices, it is sad to say that the administration is a slowpoke regarding these concerns. We know we have to understand the university because evidently they are after the best welfare of the students. However, for the past few years, the same problem has been aired by the students in the university.

Remember! We are supposed to enjoy an ideal training place as part of the privilege of being a student. And classrooms are one of the most essential elements of our development.

Classrooms are believed to be a safe space where learning can take place. It is where instructors and students share ideas. Moreover, it is in classrooms where instructors integrate learning into students’ daily life.

Now, what do you think will happen if this part is missing? Perhaps, proper class interaction cannot take place or maybe the interests of the students will slowly disappear. We know you aim for higher in advancing our proficiency as mark is showing. So we suggest you have to sensitively look this matter.

As part of the studentry, we can say that the university still has wide pylons to hone our personalities. We, students, hoped that the university will not take our requests for granted.

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