Monday, 6 August 2012

Macahig challenges new LSO president

By Jeffrey John G. Bungcasan

Negros Oriental State University–League of Student Organization (NORSU–LSO) Adviser Giovanni Macahig challenges newly-elected LSO President Xyza Mae Callao to help all student organizations to be actively involved in civic and community activities this school year.

Macahig said that the LSO must participate in tree planting, clean-up drives, and blood donation activities, among others. With these, Macahig added that the organization’s involvement will be its way to get registered easily in the LSO.

“We will be planning to clean and plant trees at the banks of Banica River and in Brgys. Balugo and Candau-ay because these places need it most,” Macahig said.

The LSO adviser is also asking Callao to arrange an “organization day” wherein each student group will be allowed to advertise their own organization and recruit new members. According to him, this plan would sustain the number of registered student organizations and would help them prepare for NORSU’s 85th founding anniversary.

Asked about her opinion on the LSO adviser’s challenge, Callao, a graduating Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences student, said that Macahig’s plans are ‘okay’ for her and that she is willing to help the LSO achieve its purposes. More so, she said that there must be a collaboration between the LSO and the student body in order for them to attain the goals and plans they want.

Meanwhile, Callao added that she is open to any suggestions from the studentry since this would help them identify the areas that need improvement. She added that the LSO office will be open to cater the needs and suggestions of the students and that an LSO officer will be readily available to aid them.

“I cannot work alone because I also need the cooperation of my members to answer students’ questions,” Callao disclosed.

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